Quick and Easy Way to Match Color between Video Clips


When shooting raw footages with different cameras, or shoot with the same camera but at different times, you will get footages with different colors, which will greatly affect your video quality when editing them together. Professionals know that to match their colors, they will just need to correct the color by adjusting their color temperature, exposure and saturation to the same level with advanced video editors like Adobe Premier Pro or Funal Cut Pro. For the rest of us without any technical knowledge however, it can really be a difficult task.

In this guide, we will introduce 3 easiest way to match the color of multiple video footages with a few clicks (no technical skills required).

The tool we are going to use is Movavi, a full-featured video editing tool with all the functions you will need when editing videos, such as cutting, cropping, merging, changing speed, slow motion, Green Screen etc. Just to name a few. You can learn more about this tool here.

When it comes to color correction, it offers 3 easy methods:

Option1: Match color between clips the easiest way: Apply most-often used preset color to the target video clips.

Step1: Download and Install it to your computer (all Windows PC and Mac OS X supported)

Step2: Open it and import your footages to it by clicking on the “Import”


Step3: Drag all the videos to the video track on the timeline like this:


Step4: Left click on the first clip to select it, then click Advanced Color tuning icon like below to bring up a color adjustment panel. Enter the Preset tab.

Step5: Choose a color from among over 50 preset look to change the basic color settings. Click the play button to preview. When done, double click to apply.

Step6: Return to the main interface, select another video clip, repeat the steps above and choose a same color to apply. By doing this you will be able to adjust all the color settings of two videos to the same level, so as to make sure they have the same color.

Option2: Apply a Same 3D LUT File to videos to get the same classic movie look for both clips.

In the movie industry 3D LUT is short for 3D look-up tables and widely used for professional color grading of digital images or videos. A 3D LUT file is often created with professional color grading creator tool by professional colorist, they will then export it as a unique file which can be imported to video editors and be applied to other videos. In the 3D LUT file, specific color values are assigned, when applied, your image or video will be repainted

Movavi as several built-in 3D LUT files, including 3D LUT files used in 007 series, Bat man, Star Wars and lot more. By applying those classic movie look to both of your videos, you will be able to adjust their color to the same levels so as to get them match.

Step1: Switch to the “Adjust” menu next to “Preset”



Step2: Go to 3D LUT and click the drop down menu. There you will get almost 20 3D LUT templated from classic movies.

Step3: Choose one to preview. Then click “OK” to apply.

Step4: Repeat the steps above and apply the same template to another video.

You’ve sucessfully matched the color between 2 different videos.

Option3: Download any movie look you like from online and apply to your video.

As we mentioned above, 3D LUT files are independent files which can be imported to video editors to apply. There are lots of gorgeous online websites which offer free 3D LUT files for free download. A few examples like:

  1. Premiumbeat


Premium beat is a website which offers both free and paid audio tracks for videos. In addition, they have quite a lot of free video editing tutorials in their blog. In the webpage mentioned above, you will find 29 free luts for your videos, all created by professional colorist. Feel free to download them and apply to both of your video sources.

  1. https://lutify.me/free-luts/

This website offers 100% free luts, pros are you will get a preview look of all these luts before you download and apply them to your videos.

  1. https://luts.iwltbap.com/

This website offers over 100 luts from movies, it’s perfectly compatible with all the mainstream video editors like After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut pro and much more. You can purchase their luts packs at $25.

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