How to Speed up or Slow Down the Speed of a Video


In this guide, we will show you 3 different ways to easily speed up or slow down a video either you created or downloaded from the web, covering both free tool, online solution, and full-featured options.

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Part1: How to use Windows Movie Maker to change the speed of a video

Windows Movie Maker is a free video editor developed by Microsoft which allows you to creat, edit, and publish videos online for free. It is not overloaded with many hardcore editing features, but still you can use it to complete some simple tasks, like apply fast motion or slow motion to your video.

Follow the simple steps below to learn how:

  1. Download and run Windows Movie Maker (How to download movie maker for Windows 10), put in the video which you are going to edit by clicking on the “Add Videos or Photos” button
  2. Click on the “Edit” button from the toolbar located on top of the interface
  3. There you can find a “Speed” option, choose a video speed from the drop down menu to apply.

Part2: Speed up or Slow Down Videos online

Apart from software tools, you can also easily change the speed of a video with some simpe and easy online sites as well. One most popular online video editor website for your choice is, an easy-to-use online video accelorator or slow motion maker. The website has a very straight-forward interface and thus anyone can use it to slow motion or accelerate video online easily:


  1. Upload the target video((the video file must be in one of these formats: .mkv, .avi, .flv, .mp4, .mov, .wmv)
  2. Select a speed to apply. There are 4 options for your choice: 0.25X, 0.5X, 2X, 4X
  3. Hit the “Convert” button to save.

Part3 (Recommended): Use Movavi to adjust video speed

Movavi is an excellent tool, whether you are a beginner or your video editing skills are a bit more advanced. It has been designed with everyone in mind and most effects can be created by simply dragging and dropping. If you want to change video speed, you can- whether you are looking to slow down a video or speed up video- anything is possible.

The great thing about Movavi is that whether you want to change the speed of your entire video, or simply do sections to create dramatic effects- both are possible.

1. Change speed of entire viddeo

Changing the speed of a video is generally used to create a specific effect- whether it is an emotional and dramatic moment, or even a bit of comedy. Whatever moment you want to create, you can do it with Movavi .

You can try before you buy, because Movavi offers a free trial and is available for both Mac and Windows. For a one year license, it will cost you just $39.99, and for lifetime use a very reasonable $59.99. For all that Movavi offers, that’s an excellent price.

Step 1. Download Movavi .

Step 2. Upload the video file that you want to edit and drag it to the timeline.

Step 3. Select the entirety of the video and double click on it to bring up the editing menu.

Step 4. Near the bottom you will see a speed slider. Drag it to slow it down or speed it up.

2. Change Video Speed of a Section Only

Step 1. Download Movavi .

Step 2. Upload the video file that you want to edit and drag it to the timeline.

Step 3. You want to let the video play until you reach the spot where you want to adjust the speed.

Step 4. Once it reaches the point you want to adjust, hit the scissors to split the clip. Do this for every section of the clip which you want to edit. Use the slider to choose which sections of the video you want to adjust the speed in. You can create a slow motion in one clip, speed up another, and leave some as is. Whatever you need to do to capture the emotion of your video is possible.

Step 5. Double click to allow the editing menu to pop up. At the bottom of this you will see speed- drag it either way, dependent on whether you want to slow your clip down or speed it up.

Preview the changes to your clip before you save and export it, as there is still time to make changes. If you make a mistake, simply revert it back to its original speed and start again. The slider allows for fairly precise action, so once you get the hang of it you shouldn’t face too many issues.

You can download a free version below(it’s absulutely ads free and virus free):

Part4: Bonus Tip-How to change the playback speed of a Youtube video

Many people don’t realize that it couldn’t be easier to change the speed of a YouTube video that you are watching. They provide you with the tool to do it right on the video itself!

Step 1. Head to YouTube and find a video to watch.

Step 2. You find yourself wanting it to slow down so that you can take notes, or eek out some more time… or you want it sped up so you don’t have to sit watching the video for as long. You don’t want to skip and miss anything important, so speeding the video up is the ideal option.

Step 3. Along the bottom you’ll see the settings icon.

Step 4. Click on the settings icon.

Step 5. Click on speed.

Step 6. You can change the speed in either direction.

Step 7. When you want to revert to the original speed, simply follow the same directions and reset it to normal.

This is the perfect way to watch an entire training video, a conference talk, or anything else you might want to race through without dealing with lulls and lags. You can speed it up twice its normal speed, or slow it to quarter of half its speed.


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