How to Get Rid of Black Bars from Video


The black bars in the video lying on both the sides either vertically or horizontally make the video appear smaller and distract the eyes while watching. This happens when the aspect ratio of the video is less than your TV or PC screen size. Herein is a concise guide to help you remove black bars from video for best experience every time you watch your favorite stuff.

Why do some Videos Have Black Bars?

Most commonly, the aspect ratios of 4:3 or 16:9 is applied while making a video. 16:9 ratio videos are meant for watching on HD TV screens while the 4:3 is the standard format for many videos. The black bars are added to any particular video when the user watches or records the 4:3 formats on HD screen device compatible for 16:9. Due to these black bars, the video appears smaller and does not bestow the ultimate watching experience.

Best Way to Remove Black Bars from Videos

The Movavi is an excellent video editing tool with lot of features and functionalities. The company offers two different versions for Mac and Windows operating systems. This tool is largely used to remove black bars from video quickly. The advanced configuration in the program supports a wide range of video formats including SD, HD, 4K, Mp4,FLV, WMV and much more. The users can take a free trial before purchasing the paid package of this tool.

How to Use Movavi to Remove Black Bars

Step 1: Click on the ‘Import’ option to load all media files from the computer, digital camera or any other device. The added videos will appear as thumbnails on the Media Library.

Step 2: Drag and drop each individual video you intend to remove the black bars on the Video Timeline. Clicking on the ‘Play’ icon will allow you to view the video in the Previewing Window.

Step 3: For removing the black bars on all sides, first right click on all the black bars.

Step 4: Open the crop window by selecting the ‘Crop’ option. Select the desired frame size (16:9 for HD videos and 4:3 for standard videos).

The cropped video appears on the previewing window allowing the users to adjust the aspect ratio based on your TV screen size.

The Movavi tool has several other video editing options. While removing the black bars, you can additionally make changes in the brightness, audio volume, video playing speed and other aspects to improve the quality of the output videos. To access these features, double click on the desired file you want to edit. This will give access to the Edit Window you will find all editing options.

Note: You can import a single video for formatting at a time. To remove black bars from multiple videos, save one file at a time on your computer device to avoid merging the two or more files.

How to Remove Black Bars on Existing YouTube Videos

Using the YouTube formatting tags is one of the most convenient options to remove the black bars and make other changes quickly.

Step 1: First, you need to have an YouTube account and add a profile picture to access the video formatting features.

Step 2: After you sign in to your account, clicking on your profile picture will enable Creator Studio. In the Creator Studio, click on Video Manager and choose Videos.

Step 3: Now select the video requiring editing. Click on the ‘Edit’ button. Choose ‘Info and Settings’ to reach the ‘Basic Info’ dialog box. In the tags field, you can enter the desired tags from the following list to edit your video as per choices.

Choose the YouTube formatting tags from the quick list mentioned below. All tags are stated with their functionality to change video output quality.

  • Play the video by default in HD- use tag yt:quality=high
  • Zoom in the video area and remove the black bars- use tag yt:crop=16:9
  • To remove vertical black bar lines from top and the bottom of the video, stretch the video- use tag yt:stretch=16:9
  • Scale down a stretched video to the 4:3 standard format- use tag yt:stretch-4:3

Always remember, it is essential to edit single video at a time. After the completion of the editing process, you can save the output file on your device.

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