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If you are considering the best movie maker for Windows 10, then Windows Movie Maker is the right choice. Introduced in 2000 with Windows ME, this video editing program was included in Windows XP and Vista. It enables the users to create their own videos, movies and slide shows, incorporated with special effects, transitions, professional looking titles, music and narrations. After you have done with the creation of video, you can share it with your family and friends with the help of Windows Movie Maker. Though the Windows 7 and Windows 8 users don’t get this tool as a part of windows, but they can have it if they install Windows Live Essentials suite to their PC.

However, the users of Windows Movie Maker can effectively tell that how effective and easy it is to use. Even its basic editing tools are much effective than the advanced tools of many movie makers. If you are looking that whether this effective program is compatible with your Windows 10 then you will be amazed to know that it is fully compatible. So, you can create movies on your Windows 10 with the use of this superb movie maker. Let us tell you some amazing features of this video editing tool.

Part1: Main Features of Windows Movie Maker

Part2: How to create videos with Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10

Part3: Best Windows movie maker alternative for Windows 10

1. Main Features of Windows Movie Maker

User friendly interfaceYou must agree that the professional video editing tools are much complex that they can only be used by the amateur filmmakers. If a novice user tries to use professional software, he will not be able to access all its features. In such a case, Windows Movie Maker fulfills the purpose of new users. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to those who have never been engaged with such a program.

• Basic learning tool

If you are not aware of the video editing process and want to learn it, then starting with Windows Movie Maker will really help you. Its various options will let you learn the editing process and then move on to the complicated software.

• Quick editing with AutoMovie option

The simple and flexible design of this program enables you to do quick editing. Its AutoMovie option, as the name depicts, does the edits automatically after you have selected the appropriate video clips. So, if you are looking for a fast program to create and edit your home movies then Windows Movie Maker is the program you can go for.

• It is free

You are not required to purchase this effective software as you can download it free of cost. Thus, this tool allows you to edit your videos without any need of spending money on the video editing tools.

2. How to create videos with Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10

TThough using the Windows Movie Maker is much easy, but with some guidance you can effectively use it to create the amazing videos. Let us tell you the simple procedure for creating video with Windows Movie Maker.

First method is importing the videos directly from your DV camera and this you can do in the case you have not stored those videos in your PC.

Second method is importing the photos, video files and music directly from your computer.

•There are mainly three components that you will require for creating a movie. These components are photos, video clips and music that you want to add. So, the first thing that you are required to do is importing these components to Windows Movie Maker. You can do this in two different ways which are:

• If you are done with importing all the required files then you can carry on with editing. Open the timeline- drag and drop all the files which include photos, videos and music to the timeline from the content area- and then everything that you want to include will appear on the timeline. Once all the files are added to timeline, you can trim them and then arrange in the desired order. You can cut the video clips, split them and can shuffle them to make a perfect combination. Similarly, the background music can also be cut and added for the particular video clip.

• Now, when all the items are arranged in perfect order, you can carry on with adding titles, effects, transitions and giving a personalized touch to the movie. Here are some tips:

 Titles can be added in the beginning of the movie to tell the viewers that what is the movie all about and credits are added in the end to tell who has created it.

 Add transitions to your movie for separating its different parts. You will be surprised to know that there are about sixty transitions among which you can make the choice.

 Next thing is adding effects to the video. It will let you have the best appearance for your movie.

 Moreover, you can also add narration to tell the story in your own voice and words.

• When you have done with all the editing, you can publish your movie and can share it with your friends and family.

However, though the Windows Movie Maker is an effectual video editing tool that you can use for creating movies, but if you are looking for creating professional movies then you should go for another one. As you may be confused that which video editor will serve the purpose better, let us tell you about the best alternative for Windows Movie Maker.

3. Best Windows movie maker alternative for Windows 10

Though there are many options, but Movavi video editor is the best alternative that will enable you to create amazing movies. Fully compatible with the Windows 10, this software provides you enhanced features to show off your creativity. Here are some of the main features of this effective tool.


  • 1. Extremely easy to use, even for the new users.
  • 2. It supports a wide range of audio, video and photo formats.
  • 3. Provides lots of editing options.
  • 4. Provides 700+ effects that you can add to your movie.
  • 5. Fully compatible with all Windows including the latest Windows 10

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