How to Change the Background of Your Video


In this tutorial, we will explore how you can change the background of a video easily by using Green Screen, formerly known as Chroma Key.  All you need is: a camera (mobile phones will work as well), a piece of green screen backdrop which you can get on Amazon (or if you don’t want to purchase from Amazon, any green clothes, green paper or green paintings will work), and Movavi.

Before we get started, let’s go inside the history of Green screen to learn what it is and why it’s used widely in film industry to replace video background.

Part1: Special Effects used explained- Green Screen or Chroma Key

You may not be that familiar with what a green screen is and how it works, but you surely have seen those green screen scenes a lot from Hollywood blockbusters to weather broadcast. The technique is very simple: just shoot a video with a single color as your background, whether it’s green or blue (those two are the most often used colors, you can surely use any other colors, but there’s quite a chance that the color you used also appears on other parts of your video, making it difficult to deal with in post-production. Green, blue however are relatively rarely used in our clothing etc.). Later on you will be able to make that green or blue in the background transparent with proper post-production programs.

Now if you overlay this video clip to another video, the background of your video will be replaced with a new video background. It is that simple as it sounds. To help you better understand this technology, we will use a video to explain it in detail:

Knowing how green screen works, we can easily superimpose any objects in any scene, to get all those impossible look as in films:

Part2: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Replace the Background of Your Video

Herein is an easy to follow tutorial on how to change/replace the background of your video.

Step1: Shoot Videos with a Green Screen or blue screen Background

You can erect a simple green screen backdrop anywhere by using some basic tools. To shoot the best green screen footage, make sure your green background is as smooth as possible. Any wrinkles or shadows will add extra difficulty in video editing. Most importantly, make sure there is no green or blue found in the rest part of your video. Otherwise they will be made transparent as well and replaced with the background video later.

Shooting green screen footage on your own needs extra equipment and time, a much easier alternative is to usegreen screen video footages from online sources. Following are some top websites offering remarkable green screen video footages for you to replace backgrounds.

  1. Shutterstock Video

This is one of the most preferred destinations to find background videos. There is a huge stock of existing 2 million royalty-free videos and still counting as every day, the site is adding more stock of videos contributed by talented photography professionals. There are several video categories ranging from aerial shots, time-lapse footages, mountain videos and much more. For huge requirements, the site allows the users to download several clips at a single instance in bundles. For budget video editing requirements, the low definition videos are available for $79 only for 5 videos. The cost of purchasing standard definition videos is $299 onwards. If the budget is more, you can purchase HD videos starting from $369.

  1. Hollywood Camera Work

This is a great site for learning professionals in film schools with plenty learning materials and useful resources. There are useful VFX plates available free download. You can use them for testing purposes. You can also experiment with different video effects such as animation effects, sunglasses reflections etc. The free resources and tools on the site are very useful for the learners. You can choose the videos as per required resolution. Most of the videos are available in HD 1080p and standard resolution of 720p.

  1. Green Screen Films

If you want to use a background video merged with your own green screen footage for a commercial purpose, this is the must visit website. The video footages are available in different categories such as touch screen, animals, business and others to ease your job of filtering the required ones. The price of an HD broadcast video starts at $129 while video for web quality starts at $19 only. The website is also useful for people who want to create a video on this platform as per requirement. If you are a novice and require help in creating customized videos, this is one of the reliable platforms to consider.

  1. Video Blocks

This site is the best source for video making professionals as fresh videos are constantly added to the library. All videos are royalty-free with fair pricing system so there is no problem of extra expenses on hidden costs. The site offers both green screen footages along with a huge stock of background video options. If you are need of videos frequently, the site gives you access to unlimited downloads and indefinite content usage through a mutually agreed contract establishment.

  1. iStock

iStock is a very popular site for online marketing agencies, bloggers and other professionals to find best still images and videos at affordable rates. The website managed by Getty Images is the best source to find a huge stock of royalty-free videos. The new visitors can download a free video for trial but need to pay for the videos to download thereafter. The users can purchase credits on the site. For each video, the prices will be deducted in form of credits depending the resolution, duration and other factors. There are also provisions for availing monthly discounts.

  1. Pond 5

This is yet another site offering green screen videos along with wonderful royalty-free background videos to merge. From dancing skeletons to animal videos, there is much to explore on the site. You can search and filter videos by category. There is a straight cut fee of $69 per download. This site can be expensive for those who want to create videos within a budget.

Step2: How to Replace Video Background with Movavi

Once you have the video clip with green background ready, download a free version of Movavi Video Editor Software.

  • On the Movavi pop up window.
  • Import your green screen video clips and the background clips you intend to merge on the video library of the Movavi software
  • Drag the required video background track on the timeline
  • On the PIP track, drag the green screen video you want to merge with the background on the timeline
  • Place the cursor on the green screen video and double click. Now the settings window will appear. Choose ‘Advanced’ on this window.
  • On the Effect tab, enable the checkbox ‘Make Parts Of This Video Transparent’
  • As per requirement, you can also use other options like flip effects, shadow or borders
  • Check the final video result on the Preview Window before saving
  • Now Click ‘OK’ to save the edited video

The Movavi software is also useful for creating other effects on the green screen video such as making objects or people float, change the normal size of objects, people or animals to small or large. Learn more about this tool here>>

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