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“I have a lot of videos that I want to split them automatically. I want to divide them into 2 parts: part 1 will be the first 1’15’’ and all rest of the video will be part 2. Is there a tool that helps me do this task? “

“I have hundreds of 1 minute long mp4 videos that I want like to split and make them 30’’ long. Any software can do this?”

There are a lot of video splitting tools out there for your choice to help you cut videos into pieces. However splitting videos one by one can really be a time-consuming task. In this guide, we will talk about EasestSoft Movie editor, a batch video splitter that can be used to cut videos into pieces in bulk.

What is EasiestSoft Movie Editor?

This is one of the latest media editor tools that can be downloaded easily from its official website. The best thing to know about this software tool is that it helps to build direct links with other websites so that users can have some assistance in creating DVDs or shifting audio or video formats as per need. The interface is designed to function as per commands updated by users so you can perform any action as per need at anytime and it will give you fast results.

If we talk about speciality of EasierSoft Movie Batch Video Splitter tool that makes it best among its competitors then the list of amazing features will definitely become too long. We can simply say that this software provides all necessary tools at one place where major actions that can be performed are: cropping, splitting, joining, cutting etc for audios as well as videos. Even with such a huge collection of facilities there is nothing to worry about the complexity of this software as it is designed with a user friendly interface so that all incredible features can be well utilized by beginners as well as professionals. All that you need to do is load your desired files to software window, adjust them as per your need, apply some settings for output and finally establish a path for the result.

Although there are so many software tools available online with some basic features but EasierSoft Movie Editor is something beyond the ordinary tools. The special feature includes its ability to do corrections for an improperly recorded video while adding watermark or some text to personalize videos. Along with some basic effects that can be applied to videos like brightness, contrast and saturation adjustment it allows users to add special effects as per style of video and need of user. The fast interfacing of this editor tool make it preferable choice of all professional as well as learning media editors.

Pros of EasierSoft Movie Editor:

  • It can edit multiple videos as well as audio files at a time.
  • Supports large number of audio-video file formats.
  • It is possible to add some advanced effects as per need by making less effort.
  • Users can enjoy video customization with preview option.
  • It is available for free.


  • It cannot synchronize the subtitles to your video always; the requirement is similarity in some specifications.

Step-by-step guide on how to batch split videos with this tool:

As this tool can be used for batching as well as splitting of media files so users are free to take numbers of benefits from this interactive tool. If you are ready with all your favourite video files and want to batch them soon with some advanced effects then it is good to learn about how to use EasierSoft Media Editor Tool on your system

How to split videos in bulk?

Step 1: First of all you need to go online and type Free Download EasierSoft on your web browser. It will soon provide you top rated links for easy download of this software; once you hit the download button on any website then it will take few seconds to bring the setup on you personal computer.

Step 2: Install your software tool with step by step instructions provided by tool itself.

Step 3: Now it is time to add video files into your software tool; it is possible to get videos from any folder present on your system and users can pick videos of any length, any size without any restriction. There is a add file button available on top left side of the software window where you can click and call your desired files as per need.

Step 4: Once you have added the videos or audio files then next task is to adjust the markers in your editor so that files can be cut from right position or clubbed in specified manner.

Step 5: After placement of markers on software window; you simply need to hit the start button for initiating the batch or split process.

Step 6: If you want to customize your videos then feel free to use some additional tools available on software window. They can be applied directly to videos or audio files and never cause any reduction in quality of media file.

Step 7: Once all your desired changes has been done then you need to save this file at specific folder from where you need to access it later without any trouble.

The steps to follow are really much easier; experts often advise users to buy Easier Soft Movie Editor tool because it is simple to use and free to access. There is not limit for numbers of files that you can batch or split here with this advanced tool so feel free to enjoy all benefits of this platform and get rid of other messy software tools that are difficult to understand as well as predict. The EasierSoft Movie Editor with its advanced features makes your dream of creating your own series of videos true and the smart interface is always ready to create wonders at every next step. The moment you feel like you need to create something outstanding with all your favourite videos then it is good to immediately switch to EasierSoft Movie Editor Tool.

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