5 Easiest and Free Ways to Add Text to a Video


“Hi there, I’ve got a video file which I want to get text in it, can anyone suggest a video editor program (any free or low cost software is preferred) which allows me to put text into the video? For example when the video shows a cat during 1’20”, I want to add a text like “My Cat” to appear on the video. I have no experience with video editing so any easy-to-use tool is appreciated. I am going to use it for long term. Thanks everyone.”

Adding text pr titles to videos is simple with the use of any proper tools. In this tutorial, we will explain five easy (including free ways) you can rely on to add text to a video.

Software available to add text into videos

Option1: For Windows Users-Movavi Video Editor

This is a very intuitive video editor software with probably all the tools you are looking for in a good video editing tool. Perfectly designed for beginners, there’s no guesswork for one even without any post-production experience. Reason number 1 for it to earn our first spot is that, it has hundreds of built-in beautiful and stylish text effects, you can easily drag and drop them to apply.


Reason number 2, this tool is available not only in Windows PC and Mac OS X, but also in iOS and Android devices. Apart from text effects, you can find hundreds of fashionable overlays, elements etc., which often found only in high-end professional tools.
You can download a free version below(it’s absulutely ads free and virus free):

Here we will introduce 3 ways to add text to video with it:

How to add plain text?

Below are few easy to follow steps for adding plain text to videos with Movavi:

Step 1:  First of all download the tool, install it on your computer and then launch.

Step 2: Once the interface appears on screen, then next task is to make selection for aspect ratio 4:3 or 16:9 as per your need.

Step 3: Now hit the drag and drop button or import button to add your target video files for editing.

Step 4: Double click on the video file to place it onto the video track. Then click the “T” icon on the toolbar above to bring up a text effects panel. Find a folder named “Basic”, there you can choose a plain text effect you like, double click on the text effect to apply.

Step 5: Now select the text effect clip, double click on it to bring up a text editing panel. There you can enter whatever text content you want to your video.

Add animated&seasonal title effects, customize it freely

The 7.1 or later version of Movavi allows adding of animated text into videos. Steps are as follows:

Step 1: Click on the “T” icon to enter the text and titles effects library, there are a lot of themed effects apart from the “basic” folder. For example, go to the “Christmas” folder, there you can find many great text effects for a Christmas video.


Step 2: To apply you can either drag it and then drop it to the text track below, or double click on it. As always you can customize the text content, or do more customizations by entering the advanced editing panel, such as add some motion effects, add some shadow effects etc.


Using any fonts you want

If you don’t want fonts available in the program, you can do some research and download any of your favorite fonts from online websites and then install it in your computer. Once installed, Movavi will automaically detects it and allow you to use to your video project immediately.

Option2: For Mac- iMovie

Steps to edit text overlay into videos using iMovie:

Step 1: Open your iMovie app and go to File Menu and hit New Movie option.

Step 2: Choose any theme as per your need or simply add it with no theme option- hit OK.

Step 3: Now select import media button to get your desired video file from device.

Step 4: It is time to drag video thumbnail to timeline on software window.

Step 5: Adjust your cursor to the part where you need to add text overley.

Step 6: On left side of menu, select Titles option from content library.

Step 7: Simple Double click on title to set text style.

Step 8: Add your text and check with preview.

Step 9: Once satisfied then save your video to system memory.

Step 10: Those who want to share videos online on social media can choose that option directly from software window and avail instant sharing facility.

Mobile Applications available for text editing

Option3: iMovie for iOS

Generally iMovie is preinstalled on all Apple devices but if you do not have then go online and download it from Apple Play store. Now follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open your iMovie app on iOS.

Step 2: Add videos from import button and start a project; in case if you want to edit the already created project then tap on project and get it onto software timeline.

Step 3: It is time to select text option from software window and then hit “T” icon from bottom of the screen and access text overlay from application.

Step 4: Now select location and type of text and then enter text using iOS keyboard. The selection tools are available at bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Once finished then hit “<” arrow and save your video.

Step 6: Users can also share these edited videos directly on different platforms using sharing icon available on your device.

Option4: Android apps-Add Text to Vid- Video Editor

Here is a latest application for android users that allow them for easy text editing over video files and projects can be saved within few minutes to mobile phone. It works like a professional editing software tool with all latest features. The customizable text formats and unique style, designs and font types make this tool one of the best choice for professional video editing needs.

Online text editing tools

Option5: YouTube Editor

Step 1: Make use of your Google account to get registered on YouTube.

Step 2: Once your account is created then login to it and upload your desired video file.

Step 3: Open this uploaded video and hit the CC or annotations button available on screen.

Step 4: After selection of annotation, you need to select its type then insert text and finally alter it as per your choice.

Step 5: Set the duration for text appearance on video and note that if you are thinking to add subtitles then selection of language is again an important task.

Step 6: Now make selections for caption or subtitles file and then auto-sync it with your video

Step 7: If you are satisfied with this movie then hit Save button and now you can use this recently created movie anytime, anywhere.

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